There are two possibilities to sync Evenium with your event on Swapcard:

- Create your event by linking your ticketing tool
To do so, go to and create a new event. Then, choose Evenium as a ticketing tool and follow the steps written below.

- Create your event and then, associate a ticketing tool to it
Once you've created your event on, go to your "Event Settings" and then "Ticketing" and click on "Add a ticketing solution". Finally, follow the steps explained below.

1 Insert the API key given on Evenium

To note : You obtain this API Key by going on the "My account" tab and clicking on "My account" and by copying the API key at in the page. Finally, paste that API key in Swapcard in the required field.

2 Select the event you want to sync

3 Choose the tickets you want to import and their destination in Swapcard (Attendees or Speakers)

4 For each ticket, specify the field mapping wanted with the app

To note : You need to specify the field mapping of all the fields to access the list of speakers and exhibitors.

5 Click on "Start the import"
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