There are two possibilities to sync Eventbrite with your event on Swapcard:

- Create your event by linking your ticketing tool
To do so, go to and create a new event. Then, choose Eventbrite as a ticketing tool and follow the steps written below.

- Create your event and then, associate a ticketing tool to it
Once you've created your event on, go to your "Event Settings" and then "Ticketing" and click on "Add a ticketing solution". Finally, follow the steps explained below.

1 Connect to your event on Eventbrite

To note : You have to use the main Eventbrite account to be able to manage your event. The secondary account won't show you your event.

2 Accept to share information between Eventbrite and Swapcard

3 Select the event you want to sync

4 Choose the tickets you want to import and their destination in Swapcard (Attendees or Speakers)

5 For each ticket, specify the field mapping wanted with the app

To note : You need to specify the field mapping of all the fields to access the list of speakers and exhibitors.

6 Click on "Start the import"

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