There are 3 ways to add attendees to your event:

1 Import via a ticketing tool

Swapcard can be sync with a lot of ticketing tools in order to facilitate the import of attendees. You just need to select the ticketing tool you wish to use, input that tool's ID and Password and the event you want to sync with. We'll do the rest ! Every half hour we import the last persons registered and send them an email to access your event.

If you want to know more about the synch, come ask us on the chat

Attendees > Add attendees > Via ticketing

2 Import via Excel

If your ticketing tool isn't synched, no problem ! Export your list of attendees and add them to the Excel template put at disposal by Swapcard.
If that list keeps getting bigger, simply add the new participants to the already existing list and we will make sure everyone gets on the platform without any duplicate.

Please make sure to respect the file's structure and to download a new template every time you need to modify your list of attendees

Attendees > Add attendees > Via Excel

3 Adding an attendee manually

You'd like to add an attendee manually ? Just do it directly on the plateform by filling in the required fields.

Attendees > Add attendees
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