Two methods exist to create speakers:

1 Create speakers with an Excel file
You can add speakers to your event using the Excel file that's available on the platform in 3 steps:
- Download the file (everytime you need to modify something)
- Add your modifications to the file
- Upload the modified file to the platform

You can add several speakers at the same time when using an Excel File

To note : Profile pictures of the speakers are to be added using the organizer interface

2 Add speakers manually
It's possible to add speakers manually from the organizer interface. Go on Event data > Speakers > Add Speakers > Create Manually and complete the different fields asked by the platform.

You can only add Speakers one by one with this method.

To note : Speakers' pictures must be saved on your computer

Which URL put in "Logo URL"
Why it's important to always use the Excel file available on the platform when modifying the event's data
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