You can easily highlight a sponsor by adding his logo on the event page of your event.

To do that, simply create a new section, name it and add the sponsor(s) you want.

Once you've added a sponsor, make sure to add its logo and then choose between the 3 following options:

1 Redirect with a URL link

If you want people to be redirected toward a specific URL link, simply add the URL you want to the corresponding field and, when participants will click on the logo, they will be redirected to the chosen internet page.

2 Redirect toward an exhibitor's page

To do so, simply add the exhibitor's page you want to use. When participants will click on the logo, they will be able to access the exhibitor's page directly.

To note : It is necessary to own the exhibitor's option and the exhibitor's page must be created beforehand.

3 No redirection

The logo will simply be a non-clickable image.

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