When you want to modify your event's data with an Excel file, whether it is the list of speakers, the list of exhibitors, the list of participants etc, it is important to download the latest version of the Excel file available on the platform.

Swapcard gives a unique code to each participant, exhibitor, session etc to identify them in the platform.
If you use an Excel file that isn't the one available on the platform, you do not have all the latest information from the platform.

What are the risks of not using the latest Excel file on the platform
If you do not use that file, you might create a new content and even if it is identical to the one already on the platform, it could overwrite the information in the platform instead of adding data to it thus erasing certain connexions like the one between an exhibitor member and his company.

To note : The files we want you to download are really light and won't take much place on your hard drive even if you were to organize 1000 events on Swapcard (yes, we tried that!).

Import via Excel
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