Determining Wi-Fi bandwidth needs onsite
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The number of Attendees, the size of your venue, and the type of features used for your Event all impact the Wi-Fi strength and speed required to support your app.

Minimum Wi-Fi speed

To provide an experience that is satisfying for Attendees and Exhibitors, a minimum Wi-Fi speed of 4 Mbps (without video capabilities) or a minimum of 15 Mbps (with video capabilities) is required to access the Event App and the Exhibitor Center.

Features available offline

For Lead Capture and SwapAccess, scanning works offline. When Leads and Sessions are scanned while offline, data synchronization takes place afterward once connected to the internet.

Important: Offline scans are saved in the app's cache. As a result, if Exhibitors are unable to sync their leads, they should avoid clearing the cache or uninstalling and reinstalling the app as a troubleshooting step.

The data from features like Floormap, My Contacts, My Notifications, and My Messages can be retrieved from the app cache while offline.

Determining your Wi-Fi needs

Using a bandwidth calculator (there are several available online), you will have a better idea of how much bandwidth will be needed.

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