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My Favorites Content Button: use case and settings
My Favorites Content Button: use case and settings
Updated over a week ago

Content Buttons are the gates to your Community and Event! With them, you can manage how to display your Event content. As there are several types of Content Buttons in Swapcard, here you will learn about the Participants Content Button.

If you need to, you can learn more about the basics of Content Buttons with this article: Setting up Content Buttons.

In the case of the My Favorites Content Button, it is important to understand that it is only available at Community level.


Adds an easy way for Community members to access their bookmarked Companies, Items

Use case

Provide quick access, at the Community level, to all the elements saved as favorites.



Select the Groups that you want to show this button to:


You are able to select the content that aligns with the features you use for your Community.

Attendee's Perspective

Attendees will have tab 'My favorites' or when accessing the Event.

Depending on how you set these up from the Studio, the content added to favorites will be visible here.

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