Adding information to Sessions
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It is possible to add lots of information to your sessions from the organizer interface.


You can add a lot of information to your session to make it personal to your brand and event, which includes header pictures and links. You can also add the custom fields created to your session. (Please ensure that custom fields are defined before you add them to the sessions)

Links - You can add links to a session to redirect, for example, to an interactivity tool, a satisfaction survey, or any other website.

Live Discussion - Create a live discussion on this session to allow participants to chat, ask questions to speakers, and reply to polls.

Video streaming - Embed a Live streaming or a Pre-recorded video onto the session page, that will be played at your preferred date and time.

Roundtable - You can create a roundtable session for discussion about a topic or following another session for attendees to chat about the topic. This feature allows for attendees to discuss with each other and have their camera and microphone turned on (if they wish).


You can add speakers to your session from the attendees list. If you want to add speakers without account to your sessions, please refer to the dedicated article.


You can add sponsor exhibitors to your sessions from the exhibitors list.


Here you can see the attendees who signed up to your session, add others and even unregister certain attendees.


You can also link one session to another as a Parent or Child session.


You can attach documents or external links to your sessions.


Here you can choose to make a session private, limit the number of registrations or hide the list of registered attendees not to make it public.

You can also authorize your attendees to register to sessions happening at the same time.

Finally, you can decide to which group you give the possibility to register to the session.

You can also fill in most information from the Excel file if you choose to use this method to create your sessions.

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