Linking multiple Sessions together
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In Swapcard, you have the option to link a "main Session" to a "sub-Session", and vice-versa.

How to link Sessions together

To do this, first head to Content > Sessions

Open the Session you would like to link, and under the Sessions tab, click on Create a new link


Next, you need to define a parent and a child label to link Sessions together. The label names are at your entire discretion.


Finally, once the parent and child labels have been defined, you will be able to create parent and child links to that Session. This will allow Attendees to quickly access linked Sessions.


Attendee experience

On the Attendees' side, this is how things are going to look. On one Session, they will see the sub-Session below the main Session, and on the sub-Session, they will see the main Session listed below.

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