Setting up Video Meetings
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In addition to offering physical Meeting Locations to Participants, you can offer them the ability to set up Virtual meetings through our integrated video call feature.

These video calls are available at any time in the individual chat:


Organizers: Setting up Video Meetings for your Event in the Studio

As an Organizer, in order to make a video call an option when setting up a Meeting, you first need to create the appropriate Meeting Location, as explained here: Creating a meeting location. In the Meetings section of the Studio, create a Location, whose title refers to a virtual meeting (Video call, Video conference...). Once the Location is created, click on it and activate the Virtual location option.


Attendees: Starting and joining Video Meetings

When a Participant sends a Meeting request, he or she must select the Virtual location you have previously created. Thus when the meeting starts, the Participant will have to go to the Meeting and will see a colored Join button that will launch the Video call (only available if the Meeting is confirmed).

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