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Community & Event Builder

Set up the foundations of your Community and Events

General information


  • Branding your Event

    In the Studio, under Event builder > Branding, you can find different settings to brand your Event to the needs of yo...

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Groups & permissions

  • Restricting Session access to specific Groups

    Besides making Sessions private, you can also restrict the access of certain Sessions from specific Attendees usin...

  • Understanding Guest mode

    Guest mode allows users who are not logged into the Swapcard platform to see some of your event’s content.  Enabling/...

  • Attendee filters

    To optimize searching for Participants in the Event, there are two types of Assistant Filters: Automatic and Advance...

  • How do Groups work

    What is a Group? Groups are different types of Participants to your event. This segmentation is helpful to manage th...