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Unique Exhibitor profile for the Community
Unique Exhibitor profile for the Community
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Historically, Exhibitors were managed by Organizers at Event level. This was rather inconvenient for Exhibitors who had to recreate their Booth for each new event. With Community, Exhibitors will therefore only have to manage one Booth per Community instead of one Booth per Event.

What does that mean?

  • Organizers will be able to reuse an existing Exhibitor from another Event within the same Community

  • Exhibitors will have to fill out most of their Booth information only once per Community

  • Exhibitors will still have to fill some of their Booth information once per Event

Information at Community level

  • Name

  • Description

  • Logo

  • Header image

  • Video header

  • Background image

  • Address

  • Website

  • Email

  • Phone numbers

  • Social networks

  • Any custom field

  • Permission to add members

  • Lead retrieval abilities (if the parameter is set on the Exhibitor itself, this will be taken into account in the whole Community. If the parameter is not set, we’ll take into account the parameter of the Group the Exhibitor is a member of)

  • Documents and links (as of this release, all the documents and links will be shared with the Community. This means that for all events within the same community, you’ll find all the documents and links that have been created for any event there)

  • Exhibitor links

  • All the editing information abilities

  • Items (Items created for Event A, can be reused for Events within the same Community)

  • Members, but the person should be also part as the event to be listed as team member of the exhibitor and get access to Exhibitor Center for this event.

Information at Event level

  • Booth location within the Event

  • Advertising

Reusing existing Exhibitors

Let’s say for Event B you’d like to bring over selected Exhibitors that you created in Event A.

  1. Go to Event A in the Studio and download the Exhibitors as an Excel file

  2. Clean your Excel list so that only the Exhibitors you want to reuse remain

  3. Go to Event B in the Studio, click on Add Exhibitors

  4. Choose the new option Import content already existing in the Community

  5. Upload the Excel file

Please note that in the Studio, when trying to modify an Exhibitor that exists in multiple Events, the Organizer needs to take into account that some edits may have an impact on several Events.

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