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Importing and adding Exhibitors to your Event
Importing and adding Exhibitors to your Event
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To import and add Exhibitors to your Event, log in to the Studio and go to Content ➡️ Exhibitors.

There, you will find a button Create Exhibitors on the right-hand side of the page. Once clicked, three options, which are detailed below, will be offered to you.


Importing Exhibitors via an Excel file

If it's the first Event that you organize within this Community and you have more than ten Exhibitors, then this is most probably the best option for you.

  1. Click on Import via an Excel file.

  2. Download the Excel template that will be used to enter all your Exhibitors' data. If you already have Exhibitors listed in the Studio, this data will be pre-filled in the Excel template.

  3. Fill it out based on the instructions found on the template; also, please do not alter it to avoid importation errors.

Make sure to re-download the Excel file listed in step 2 for each new bulk modification that you may make to your Exhibitors.

Importing from another Event within the same Community

If you have already organized one or more Events with that Community this is definitely the option you want to select, as you will be able to re-use Exhibitors that have been already created for past Events. Lazy wins!

  1. In the Studio, open the corresponding Event – the one where the Exhibitors' data and content you want to retrieve is stored.

  2. Under Content➡️Exhibitors click on Export to download the desired data as an Excel file that will be stored in your Downloads folder or Desktop.

  3. Clean the Excel file and only keep the data and content you want to link to your new Event

  4. Open your new Event' Studio, go to Content➡️Exhibitors, click on Create Exhibitors and choose Import from another event of the Community from the list.

  5. At the bottom of the popup window, upload the Excel file that you exported and cleaned from the previous Event\

Adding Exhibitors "Manually"

If you have very few Exhibitors, or if you have one late-joiner that you want to quickly and easily add in, this option is the best for you.

  1. Click on Create manually

  2. Type in the name of the Exhibitor Booth and hit Create.

  3. Afterwards, you can add all or some of the content and branding for this Exhibitor and/or leave it to the Exhibitor's responsibility.

How to choose the order of appearance of the different types of exhibitors?

From the "Exhibitors" tab, you can define the order of appearance of the different types of exhibitors.
For instance, you can order them by order of importance to highlight one or another category of exhibitors/sponsors.

To do so, make sure you add a type to each exhibitor in the parameters of the "Exhibitors" tab.

On the right side of each type is located a pictogram with little arrows. Keep clicking on it and slide it to choose the order of appearance.

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