Attendee filters
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To optimize searching for Participants in the Event, there are two types of Assistant Filters: Automatic and Advanced. These allow you to look for certain characteristics, pre-defined by the Organizer in the Studio.

Automatic Filters

These filters are created with the information provided during the creation of each Attendee profile and are dynamically updated based on two fields in the Participant's profile:

  • Job title

  • Company


Similar values are sorted and merged (filters only).

For example: if several profiles have the value "CEO and Founder" and others have the value "Founder and CEO", they will be merged to avoid duplicate filters.

Advanced Filters

These filters are determined using Custom field values that allow you to organize the Participants into useful and specific categories. You could use values like Country of location, Industry Type, Time Zone, etc.

There can be as many Custom Filters as needed, which requires the creation of Custom Fields. Upon special request, the Swapcard team can create them, provided the Event Organizer has communicated this to their dedicated Project Manager, or with the assistance of the Swapcard Support team.

Therefore, the Organizer must define:

  • The name and design of each filter

  • The order of the filters

  • The order of the values in the filters

To enable or disable Advanced Filters please go to the Event Studio and select Event Builder > Content Display > Edit Attendees content button > Data > Select below the fields you want to display as search filters.


This way, they will be available for event Participants and ease their search for specific Attendees. The following example filters attendees by Time zone:


Normally, it is only possible to display the values of one Filter at a time (as shown in the example above).


  • If a Participant selects several values in one filter, they act as an OR operator between search criteria (Example: Startup OR Corporation).

  • If a Participant selects values in different filters, they will act as AND (Example: Startup and Biotechnology).

  • It is possible to use the Search bar at the same time as using Filters.

  • The number of possible results is automatically updated when adding or removing filters.

  • Advanced Filters are not available in the Attendees' profile by default. The values must be added to their Personal Data for them to appear in their profiles.

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