Attendee Interactive - Instructions
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Syncing your Event on Swapcard with Attendee Interactive is simple. Here is how:

Syncing Attendee Interactive with Swapcard

Once you've created your Event in the Studio, go to General information → Integrations and click on Connect a registration system. There, proceed as follow:

  1. Indicate the API Token provided on the Attendee Interactive platform.

  2. Select the Event you want to sync.

  3. Choose the tickets you want to import and their destination in Swapcard (Attendees, Speakers, etc).

  4. For each ticket, specify the field mapping wanted with the app.

    • Note* You need to specify the mapping of all the fields to access the list of speakers and exhibitors.

  5. Click on Start importing.

Additional help

If you need help integrating with Eventbrite, please reach out to your Success Manager or contact our Support Team.

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