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People import - Excel spreadsheet structure
People import - Excel spreadsheet structure
Updated over a week ago

If you'd like to do a batch import of your Participants, you have to do it based on our excel sheet template. Here is some information:

Important considerations

  1. Download the excel sheet from the platform each time you want to make an import.

  2. Do not modify the two last columns (External ID and Checksum)

  3. Columns from A to AA correspond to the information on the People's profile

Columns AB through AH are different as they refer other parts of the platform or to People Settings:

  1. AB: badge number of the participants. It can be added manually or with your ticketing tool.

  2. AC: URL of the badge in PDF format.

  3. AD: the exhibitor company's ID to whom the participant is linked. - Becomes exhibitor.

  4. AE: the sessions' ID to who the participant is linked. - Becomes speaker.

  5. AF: assign a type to speakers only.

  6. AG: relate to speakers only. - write "yes" to create them an account, write "no" to not create them an account.

  7. AH: create a "hidden" participant. - The participant doesn't appear on the people's list.

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