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Adding a member to an Organization
Adding a member to an Organization
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To add a member to your Organization, log in to the Studio and click on your Organization's name, and select the option "Settings & Members" as highlighted below:

This leads you to another page, where you will find an Invite a member button. Click on it.

On the next screen, you need to enter the new member's email address,and then select among the three different roles available: Admin, Community Manager, and Event Manager. Learn more about organization members roles here.

Add the email address of your colleague, select the role and select Add member to invite them to your Organization.

Adding a new Admin

As an Admin, this new Organization member will have the exact same permissions as you. This means this person will have control over:

  • All the Communities that belong to your Organization

  • All Events that belong to those Communities

  • Organization members (add, remove and switch roles)

  • New Community creation within your Organization

  • New Event creation within those Communities

  • Company and Billing settings

Adding a new Community Manager

As a Community Manager, this new Organization member will have control over:

  • All Communitites or selected Communities only

  • All Events that belong to the selected Communities

  • New Event creation within the selected Communities

Adding a new Event Manager

As an Event Manager, this new Organization member will have control over:

  • All Events or selected Events only

After the member has been invited to your Organization

New Organization members will receive a message via email where they will be prompted to accept your invitation. The message they will receive will resemble this one:

Organization Members will need to proceed with the account creation (if they don't have one yet) or login, before being prompted to confirm or decline the invitation to join your Organization.

Invited members will be listed under Pending invitations until they complete that process. Once completed, they will be listed under Members, located at the bottom of the Organization page.

Changing an Organization member's role

Companies evolve, and so do their needs! If an Organization member's permissions need to be adjusted, Admins simply need to click on the corresponding Member in the list. This opens a sliding panel where the role can be changed.

Removing an Organization member

From the same sliding panel, click on Remove Member if you wish to remove a Member from your Organization.

Can't find the invitation to join an Organization?

Make sure that you're logged in to the Studio with the same email address where you receive the invitation email.

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