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Get Started with Swapcard as an Event Organizer
Get Started with Swapcard as an Event Organizer

Learn about Swapcard and how to set up your first event with ease.

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Welcome to the Swapcard Help Center!

This guide covers the basics of Swapcard, providing the first steps for event organizers to start using the platform effectively.

What is Swapcard?

Swapcard is a digital platform designed to enhance the experience of event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees by streamlining networking and engagement. It leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate meaningful connections and personalized event journeys.

Key benefits of Swapcard include:

  • Enhanced Networking: Swapcard's AI-driven algorithm suggests relevant connections, making networking more targeted and effective.

  • Comprehensive Event Management: From registrations and scheduling to real-time analytics, Swapcard offers a suite of tools that cover all aspects of event management.

  • Interactive Features for High Engagement: Live polling, Q&A sessions, 365 Community, and interactive maps improve attendee engagement and participation.

  • White Label and Highly Customizable: Branded native mobile apps, white-label domains, and a powerful CMS (Swapcard Studio) allow you to make the app completely yours.

  • Data Insights: Provides valuable insights into attendee behavior and event performance, helping organizers optimize current and future events.

Overall, Swapcard transforms conventional event dynamics into more interactive, productive, and data-driven experiences. It provides a comprehensive A to Z solution for event organizers and is the leading platform for exhibitions, trusted by major trade show organizers globally. This trust is earned through their deep industry expertise, robust technical scalability capable of supporting millions of users annually, and stringent security measures, including SOC2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Main Interfaces of Swapcard

  • Studio: The Organizer Back-Office or Content Management Software, where organizers create and manage their events and communities. Accessible at

  • Event App: The application for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and guests. Available as a web app and native mobile app on iOS and Android. The event app can showcase some event content publicly in "Guest mode" to encourage registrations. Accessible at or via custom domains if branded or white-label options are set up.

  • Exhibitor Center: A web app for exhibitors to manage their team, company profile, meetings with attendees, and export leads. Accessible at or via custom domains if branded or white-label options are set up.

  • Backstage: A live streaming web app for speakers and organizers to broadcast live within the platform. Learn more about Backstage.

  • SwapAccess: An app for event organizers to manage onsite experiences, such as access tracking, control, and automated check-in and badge printing. Available on iOS for iPhone and iPad. Learn more about SwapAccess.

  • Developer Portal: The front door for developers to integrate with Swapcard APIs and React SDKs. Accessible at

  • Avolio: A dedicated registration and speaker management solution, fully integrated with other Swapcard products, designed for complex registration needs.

How to Create Your First Event

  1. Create an Account on Swapcard Studio

  2. Follow the Onboarding Steps: These will guide you in creating your organization, community, and first event.

  3. Create an Event: If you missed the last step, click on "Create Event" within your community and fill out the form with the event name, format, dates, and location.

Once your event is created, you can continue to set it up by customizing its branding, implementing the registration, and configuring the pages and menu.

Understand the Free Trial

Creating an account and events on Swapcard is free, allowing you to test the platform and its capabilities with your colleagues before subscribing to a paid plan. You can invite your colleagues to join your organization, so they can access the Studio and test the Event App as attendees, even if the event isn’t published. Learn more about publishing your event


To send emails and notifications, your organization must be verified by a Swapcard team member. Learn more about getting your organization verified.

Some features are not included in the Starter Plan and may require purchasing add-ons regardless of the plan. Learn more about add-ons.

Which Features to Use According to Your Strategy

To understand which Swapcard features to use based on your event strategy, refer to our strategic execution guides:

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