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How to Maximize Revenue with Swapcard

Learn to boost revenue with Swapcard's features: enhance lead generation, sponsor visibility, and ticketing. Ensure event success!

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Monetization is a critical aspect of event planning that ensures financial success and sustainability. Swapcard offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help event organizers maximize revenue through various innovative features. This guide provides a detailed overview of how to leverage Swapcard's capabilities to enhance lead generation, sponsor and exhibitor exposure, and overall event profitability.

Benefits of Using Swapcard for Monetization

Boost Lead Generation

Swapcard provides robust solutions for capturing and managing leads, ensuring that no potential opportunity is missed. These features include on-site lead generation tools like QR code scanning and session entrance scanning, as well as digital lead generation through networking and live chat functionalities.

Enhance Sponsor and Exhibitor Visibility

By offering multiple advertising opportunities, such as homepage banners, interstitial ads, and sponsor logos, Swapcard enables you to increase the visibility of sponsors and exhibitors. These features help in attracting more premium sponsors and provide them with measurable ROI through detailed analytics.

Streamline Ticketing and Payment Processing

With Swapcard's ticketing solutions, you can create tiered ticket types, manage registrations, and process payments seamlessly. This not only improves attendee onboarding but also opens new revenue streams through ticket sales and exclusive access passes.

Leverage Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Swapcard's advanced reporting tools allow you to capture and analyze data throughout the event lifecycle. These insights help in improving the exhibitor and sponsor experience, driving better engagement, and ultimately increasing revenue.

Key Features for Monetization

Lead Management

  1. On-Site Lead Generation

    • Lead Capture: Exhibitors can scan visitor badges, access profiles, and export contact lists.

    • Lead Qualification: Add value to exhibitors' lead collection by giving them a way to qualify leads by criteria they define.

    • QR codes for Exhibitor Booths: Attendees can scan exhibitor QR codes to access profiles and save contacts.

  2. Digital Lead Generation

    • Controls access to sessions and provides detailed attendance reports.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Exposure

  1. Advertisings

    • Home page Ad: Display right vertical banners on the web and full-screen ads on mobile.

    • Home page Sponsor Logos: Highlight sponsor logos with clickable links to profiles or external URLs.

  2. Sponsored Content

    • Advanced Banner Ads: Display top banner ads on each content list of your event.

    • Sponsored Sessions: Include webinars, product demos, and workshops with interactive elements like polls and Q&A.

    • On-Demand Library: Hosts sponsored content accessible anytime, increasing long-term engagement.

  3. Interactive Map

    • Sponsor Logos: Display logos on the event map, enhancing visibility and navigation.

Communication and Engagement

    • Create dedicated channels for sponsors to post updates and engage with attendees.

    • Offer monetized access to channels for posting and commenting.

    • Send sponsored emails featuring logos, promotions, and exhibitor activities.

    • Deliver timely push notifications with sponsor content, improving engagement.

Showcase and Marketplace

    • Customizable profiles with options to add images, videos, documents, and live chat.

    • Monetize additional features like header images, side ads, and product showcases.

    • Dedicated pages for exhibitors to display products, categorized for easy browsing.

    • Monetize product listings and advanced filter options.

    • Pinpoint exhibitor booths, sessions, and other points of interest.

    • Offer premium visibility options like zoom-in highlights and colorization.


Swapcard offers a versatile platform with a wide range of monetization features designed to enhance the profitability of your events. By leveraging these tools, you can provide greater value to sponsors and exhibitors, improve attendee engagement, and maximize your event revenue.

By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to creating a successful, revenue-generating event with Swapcard.

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