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On-demand Video Library page: use case and settings
On-demand Video Library page: use case and settings
Updated over a week ago

Pages are the gates to your Community and Event! With them, you can manage how to display your content. As there are several types of Pages in Swapcard, here you will learn about the On-demand Video Library page.

If you need to, you can learn more about the basics of Pages with this article: Setting up your event's pages.


Displays all or some (see "Data" section below) of the on-demand Sessions available in your Event in a video library layout.

Use case

Attendees who click on the On-demand Video Library page, will be redirected to an on-demand video library. You can set up multiple pages to segment your content into different video libraries, using the settings available in the Data tab.


You can set up a page background image.

Backend (Studio)

Frontend (Attendee's view)



If you'd like this page to redirect to a certain section of the content, customize the data conditions to only include content with the relevant values for one or more fields. If several fields are selected, it will display the content if at least one condition matches (logical operator between fields is "OR", and not "AND", but if you restrict the view to some Session formats, Sessions with other formats won't be displayed).

Display preferences

You can decide how to display the content (Sessions) under the page. To display all Sessions as a list including a search bar and Filters, select "List" or "Grid" mode. To automatically redirect to the ongoing Session page, select "Live" mode.

It's also possible to define other display settings such as sorting, and whether you want the On-demand Video Library to appear in the top navigation bar, among other things.

Finally, it's where you will be able to filter Sessions you want and don't want to appear under that particular page.


You can decide which Group(s) of Participants can see the page, and whether you want to make it visible to unregistered Guests (publicly)

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