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Setting up AI recommendations
Setting up AI recommendations
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The primary goal of our AI is to enhance the user experience by providing personalized content recommendations to attendees. This ensures that each participant receives relevant suggestions that align with their interests, making their event experience more engaging and meaningful.

Benefits for Event Organizers

1. Enhanced Attendee Engagement:

  • By providing personalized content, AI keeps attendees engaged and ensures they get the most out of the event.

2. Improved Networking Opportunities:

  • AI matches attendees with similar interests, fostering more meaningful connections and networking opportunities.

3. Increased Session Participation:

  • Personalized and similar session recommendations drive higher attendance and participation in sessions, making them more successful.

4. Efficient Event Management:

  • Organizers can leverage AI to streamline event planning and execution, ensuring that the right content reaches the right audience at the right time.

What are our key AI recommendations

1.Personalized Recommendations

To ensure the user experience with Recommendations is smooth from the very first time they use the app, we recommend you gather some user data in advance, i.e. during the registration process.

We recommend to ask for:

  • Job

  • Company

  • Biography

  • Interest and knowledge custom fields

How It appears: In the user interface, personalized recommendations are displayed on the People, Sessions, and Items lists as “AI Recommendations” carousel at the top of the list.

How to activate it:

  1. Go to the Studio.

  2. Navigate to Event Builder ➡️ Pages & Menu.

  3. Click on the Edit (pencil) button next to the page for which you want AI recommendations activated.

  4. Toggle on the Personalized Recommendations option under the Data tab.

2.Similar Entities

How It appears: In the user interface, similar entities are shown on the Session, Item, and Exhibitor details pages as “You May Also Like.”

How to activate it:

  1. Open the Studio.

  2. Go to Content ➡️ Exhibitors ➡️ Exhibitors settings for Exhibitors

    • Content ➡️ Sessions ➡️ Sessions settings for Sessions

    • Content ➡️ Items ➡️ Items settings for Items

  3. Toggle on the Display similar exhibitors/sessions/items option.

How AI Generates Recommendations

Our AI engine uses two main data sources to generate recommendations:

  1. Database Information:

    • The AI analyzes the data added into the Swapcard database, including People, Sessions, Exhibitors, Items, and their respective custom fields. This data can be added directly in the Studio or provided during registration.

  2. User Behavior:

    • The AI also considers user behavior, such as which profiles, sessions, or items users viewed or bookmarked, to refine and personalize recommendations further.

By integrating AI into your event management strategy, you can significantly enhance the attendee experience, drive engagement, and achieve better outcomes for your event. Explore the full potential of our AI technology and transform the way you organize and manage events.

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