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Creating and managing your Exhibitors' page
Creating and managing your Exhibitors' page
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The Exhibitors page is a vital part of your event's digital presence. It showcases the businesses and sponsors participating in your event, providing attendees with easy access to important information about each exhibitor. This article will walk you through the process of creating and customizing your Exhibitors page, explaining its benefits, and offering tips for effective management.

Benefits of the Exhibitors Page

  • Increased Visibility: Highlight your exhibitors prominently, ensuring attendees can easily find and engage with them.

  • Enhanced Networking: Facilitate connections between attendees and exhibitors, boosting networking opportunities and engagement.

  • Monetization Opportunities: Offer premium placement or exclusive pages for exhibitors based on their sponsorship level or package, adding value to your event.

How to create the Exhibitors page

Note that when you create your event, an Exhibitors' page is created by default. You can edit the existing page or delete it and create one from scratch.

Follow these steps to create a new page:

  1. Go to the Studio.

  2. Click on Event builder ➡️ Pages & Menu.

  3. Click on Create page.

  4. Choose Exhibitors.

How to manage your Exhibitors page settings

How to edit the design of your Exhibitors page

Customize the design of your Exhibitors page by editing the following information in the Design tab:

  • Label

  • Color

  • Button background image

  • Page background image

How to manage the visibility settings of your schedule page

Control who can see your Exhibitors page by managing its visibility settings:

  • Groups: Decide which group(s) of participants can view the page.

  • Public Visibility: Choose whether to make the page visible to unregistered guests.

Depending on your event's complexity, you can create different Exhibitors pages for different participant groups. For instance, you might want to show specific exhibitors to VIP attendees or based on the exhibitor package they purchased, creating a monetization opportunity.

How to manage the data settings of your schedule page

1. Conditions

  • Use conditions to filter and display relevant content based on custom fields created for your event. This allows you to create multiple Exhibitors pages tailored to specific criteria such as the nature of business or sponsor level (more information here).

  • You can create multiple Exhibitors pages based on the nature of business, sponsor level or any custom fields you deem relevant.

2.Display preferences

If personalized recommendations is activated, the exhibitors will be displayed as such on the Exhibitors page:

3. Available filters

  • Select the fields you want to display as search filters- populated from custom fields, making it easier for attendees to find relevant exhibitors. These filters will appear on the Exhibitors page, enhancing user experience and engagement.

These filters will appear on the Exhibitors page as such :

By effectively managing your Exhibitors page, you can significantly enhance the visibility and impact of your event’s sponsors and exhibitors. This not only improves attendee engagement but also offers valuable monetization opportunities.

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