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How to enhance event experience with custom fields
How to enhance event experience with custom fields

Utilize custom fields for sessions, exhibitors, or profiles to boost searchability, save time, and personalize attendee experiences.

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What are custom fields

Custom fields are fields that help you further customize sessions, items, exhibitors, or people profiles for preferences, interests, or any other valuable information to be categorized within the event app.

They are :

  • Precise: attendees can use custom fields to easily find sessions, people, items, or exhibitors

  • Customizable: you have control over the custom field settings and permissions

  • Time-saving: they give you easier access to information making attendees’ time more efficient

You can use custom fields for the following pages (click on each page name to know how to create specific custom fields) :

What are the different types of custom fields

  • Short text: for brief entries.

  • Long text: for longer entries.

  • Multiple texts: for multiple text entries.

  • Single choice: for selecting one option from a list (e.g., Country or City).

  • Multiple choices: for selecting multiple options from a list (e.g., Group member status or Proficiencies).

  • URL: for links, such as Websites or LinkedIn profiles.

  • Number: for numerical entries like Age.

  • Date: for date entries like Birthday.

  • File: PDF (.pdf), Word Documents (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt, .pptx), Images (.png, .jpg)

Please note that only single and multiple choice custom fields can be used as search filters in your event.

What are the common use cases for custom fields

  • Display custom fields on attendees’ profiles to be filled with key information, such as their expected outcomes for the event (networking, meeting vendors, attending sessions, etc.).

  • Help attendees search and sort the list of participants using custom fields to find interesting profiles to network with based on interests.

  • Make sessions easy to find with relevant custom fields.

Control Field Visibility:

  • Control whether a custom field is visible and editable by attendees.

Boost Search Functionality:

  • Leverage custom fields to create a more powerful search engine that displays valuable event information to attendees.

Streamline Information Access:

  • Save time with pre-filled custom fields available for people and exhibitors.

Targeted Communication:

  • Send reminders and follow-up emails targeting attendees with specific custom field values in their profiles.

Comprehensive Reporting:

  • Find reports under the analytics dashboard that include custom field results.

Custom fields are a powerful tool to enhance the event experience for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers. By allowing for precise categorization and easy access to relevant information, custom fields make your event more organized, efficient, and personalized. Embracing custom fields not only saves time but also fosters a more engaging and meaningful event environment for everyone involved.

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