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Maximize your event impact using the power of AI
Maximize your event impact using the power of AI

Enhance connections, sessions, and sponsor matches with advanced AI technology for personalized recommendations and seamless networking.

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This article delves into our advanced AI system, powered by GISMO, an open-source package developed by one of our researchers and uniquely fine-tuned to enhance your event experience. By transforming words into vectors and using custom fields for interests and knowledge, our AI delivers superior, personalized recommendations. Enjoy improved networking, targeted session suggestions, and precise exhibitor matches, all while ensuring data privacy and eliminating biases. Discover how our AI can create a more connected and personalized event for you!

Understanding our AI system

Our AI is homegrown and is built on top of GISMO (Generic Information Search with a Mind of its Own), an open-source package developed by one of our researcher. GISMO transforms words into vectors, builds graphs, and links pieces of information. While the principle of GISMO is shared with the world, it’s our unique tuning and data handling for events that makes our AI exceptional.

  • No data sent to third-party: Everything is hosted and computed on our systems, using a combination of internally-developed and trusted open-source packages.

  • Inspired by GISMO: We use this open-source model package to process our data.

  • Unique Finetuning: Our secret customizations provide superior recommendations for the events world.

Finetuning the AI

To finetune our AI for your event's specifics, we use custom fields dedicated to people, like interest and knowledge fields. These fields help match people based on their interests and expertise. See how to create custom fields here.

Creating Custom Fields tagged as:

  • Interest: What people are interested in.

  • Knowledge: What people know about.

  • Do Not Use: Fields you don't want the AI to use.

This is powerful because it allows you to match interest fields with knowledge fields or other data from other entities. Here’s a rundown of the data and their weights:

Data and Weights:

  • Products: Name, description, categories, custom fields, exhibitor, events (0.3)

  • Sessions: Name, description, exhibitor, events

  • Exhibitors: Name, description, custom fields, events (0.3)

  • People: Biography (0.3), network, jobs, tags, custom field knowledge, custom field interest (5.0), events (0.3), searches (private), filters (private), streams (0.3) (private)

Note: Data tagged as 'private' is treated specially to ensure user privacy. The private data is never used to compute the recommendations sent to other users, only to improve the quality of your own recommendations as a user.

Examples of Influencing the AI

  1. Interest Match: Sustainability in User A’s interest, User B’s knowledge: high chance that User B recommended to User A. Lower probability if sustainability in User A’s biography instead of the custom field interest.

  2. Session Recommendation: If User C’s interest is Ecology and Session A is named Ecology, Session A will likely be recommended to User C.

  3. Product Match: If User D’s interest is Data Privacy Software and Product A is categorized under Data Privacy Software, Product A will likely be recommended to User D.

  4. Exhibitor Match: An exhibitor with expertise in Camping Equipment will be highly recommended to a user interested in Camping Equipment. If Camping Equipment is only mentioned in the biography, the match is recognized but weaker.

Ensuring No Bias

We comply with GDPR rules, highlighting our commitment to data privacy. Our AI uses a "Light Learning" approach to monitor and eliminate biases:

  • Weight Management: We compute explanations for each recommendation and deactivate any weights showing bias.

  • Community-Specific Training: Each community’s data is trained separately to prevent bias cross-contamination.

Practical ways to leverage AI for your events

Setting up AI personalized recommendations

How AI for recommendations works

  • The graph: At the "heart" of our AI, the graph creates links between people and their interests to predict new connections.
    For example, an attendee called Amina is looking for artists like herself, so the AI will use this information to associate her interest to similar ones, such as gaming, and find other attendees interested in the same.

  • The machine learning: Then, the machine-learning algorithm presents the information in a more compact structure, translating it in a form our AI can understand and produce relevant recommendations.

    In Amina's example, her interests in visual effects are related to the gaming industry, which link her to others interested in or connected to gaming, even those that aren't specifically artists.

  • Empowering connections: Then, after mapping the user journey, the AI will match their profile with relevant sessions, exhibitors, products, and other attendees. When a participant interacts with any of these, it will generate a list of similar recommendations.

The last step in Amina's example is a recommendation to connect with Maren based on events they have in common, shared contacts, similar industries, and interests.

Why AI recommendations make the difference

AI recommendations are suggestions proposed to users based on their data and interaction with the app. They help improving the user experience by giving attendees recommendations about content they might be interested in.

You can set up AI recommendations for people, sessions, items and exhibitors to engage leads, improve networking, connect people and personalize the user experience with data from users’ profiles (also custom fields) & users’ interactions with the app.

Key benefits:

  • High-level seamless networking: Recommendations help create accurate and beneficial connections between people

  • Personalized experience: Recommendations provide a personalized and relevant experience

  • Discover: Recommendations help users stay open-minded and discover new people and content

AI also plays a huge role in enhancing the quality of meetings, as it not only learns from the information on people profiles but also from user interactions with the platform.

Therefore, it may be beneficial to schedule the deployment of meeting rules a few days or weeks after publishing the event. This will help the AI to offer users better meeting recommendations based not only on information but behavior, and user-driven actions.

Moreover, this creates a new touchpoint with users that can be leveraged through emails and other communications, ultimately boosting the number of active users on the platform.

By leveraging our advanced AI technology, you can significantly enhance networking opportunities, improve the attendee experience, and maximize the impact of your events.

AI Smart Meeting Generator

Swapcard’s AI Smart Meeting Generator simplifies this complexity by automating one-on-one meeting creation, allowing your attendees to spend less time stressing over schedules and more time building meaningful connections. Swapcard’s AI Smart Meeting Generator utilizes attendee data and preferences to create an optimized schedule automatically for attendees. Each user receives a personalized schedule based on their profile information, ensuring relevant and valuable connections are made.

AI-powered data retrieval

Swapcard’s AI-powered business card reader feature is going to be your new best friend. During onsite events, the easiest way to connect and collect contact details is using Swapcard Lead Capture, which allow to scan participant badges within the app. But there are as well thousands of business cards swapped, that's why Swapcard is also offering a smart business card within the app to help attendees and exhibitors to gather all contacts made during the event in one place.

Swapcard’s business card scanner uses computer vision (AI technology) to recognize and extract information from business cards and other supported text or image files.

Basically, the phone "reads" the business card and puts the information in the right placeholders.

Instead of entering attendee information manually, the AI does it for you. By automating this task, exhibitors save precious time, and get all their leads collected in one single place, that can be exported to their CRMs.

AI assistant in Studio

The AI-powered Assistant in Studio offers the ability to seamlessly generate session descriptions, providing organizers with invaluable support and freeing up time for strategic planning. Also, our AI assistant addresses multilingual challenges by generating accurate translations of session titles and description, ensuring a globally inclusive event experience.

Embrace efficiency and elevate your events with Swapcard's AI assistant, a transformative tool that not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality and accessibility of event content on a global scale.

Our advanced AI system, built on GISMO and fine-tuned for events, offers unparalleled personalized recommendations, improved networking opportunities, and precise session and exhibitor matches. By understanding and leveraging the capabilities of our AI, you can create a more engaging, efficient, and successful event experience. For more detailed setup and functionality guides, explore our related articles and start maximizing the impact of AI at your events today.

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