Setting up Lead Capture
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Lead Capture, also referred to as Lead Scanning, allows end-to-end lead capture built for on-site experiences via mobile access. It gives Exhibitors a way to speed up the lead scan and management with an automated and centralized process that provides a quick overview of the entire team’s results combined in one dashboard.

If you have already enabled Lead Capture in the Studio and want to know more about how it works for Exhibitors, please check Lead Capture – Scanning badges and business cards.

Enabling/disabling Lead Capture for a Group

Open the Studio and go to Event Builder → Groups & Permissions. There, click on the Edit icon next to the Group that you wish to activate or deactivate Lead Retrieval for. In the panel, within the General tab scroll down until you reach the Lead Capture section.

To enable/disable scanning capabilities for the selected Group, toggle on/off the Onsite badge reader option. Below, you have the ability to select whether the contact details of the scanned badge should be shared with both individuals or only the scan initiator. If Scan initiator is selected (1-way), the individual whose Badge has been scanned won't be notified and won't have the contact details of the person who scanned their Badge. If the scanned individual’s profile is updated (either by them or by the Organizer) after their Badge is scanned, these changes won't be reflected on the initiator's end.

Additionally, Organizers can decide whether they want to enable/disable the Virtual booth visits option. If toggled on, this option will give Exhibitors the ability to see Virtual booth visits statistics in their Exhibitor Centre. There, they will see a display with the three most recent visitors to their Booth.

Enabling/disabling Lead Capture for one Exhibitor at a time

If you would like the change these settings for one Exhibitor in particular (as opposed to the whole Group), in the Studio, head to Content → Exhibitors, click on the Exhibitor of your choosing, open the Settings tab, and scroll down to the Lead Generation section.

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