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Swapcard Add-on features
Swapcard Add-on features
Updated over a week ago

Swapcard allows you to customize your event platform with add-ons.

They are designed to empower you with the flexibility to tailor your event platform precisely to your needs, strategy, and the unforgettable experiences you aim to deliver to both exhibitors and attendees.

To enable them, log into your Studio account and find the Add-on features section in the Event menu or in your Organisation Plan & Billing. Click on the one you're interested in, and click on "Get feature" to engage a chat with our team that will share you more information, including the pricing.

See below the list of all our current add-ons to elevate your experience and boost your ROI.


Give your event its own branded app for a user experience that's consistent and uniquely yours.

  • Full White Label

Take the fully-branded effect even further by replacing "Swapcard" in email and web domain names with a name you choose.

Exhibitor and Sponsor Solutions

Use the app to scan participant badges for simple lead collection and sharing.

Add value to exhibitors' lead collection by giving them a way to qualify leads by criteria they define.

  • Lead Reports

Enhance exhibitors' experience by giving them a way to review lead details and summaries directly in the Exhibitor Center.

Match participants together with the help of artificial intelligence that suggests a meeting when interests align.

  • Exhibitor Live Chat

Add a live chat to exhibitors' virtual booths to let them communicate with visitors in real time.

  • Exhibitor Meetings

Encourage attendees to request meetings with exhibitors, and let exhibitors assign and manage them from the Exhibitor Center.

Deliver more exposure and value to sponsors with additional in-app ads.

  • Exhibitor Items

Provide each exhibitor with a dedicated area where they can promote products, services, or anything at all to attendees.

  • Documents and Links

Give exhibitors a way to include documents and links to outside resources on their company profile page.

Offer exhibitors a way of giving different members of their staff different levels of access to the Exhibitor Center.

Registration & Onsite

Boost registration by following up with people who began but did not complete their registration.

Track or control access to any part of your event with badge scanning checkpoints.

  • Conditional Logic for Forms

Take advantage of adaptive forms that know what information to collect from attendees based on answers to prior questions.

Scan attendee badges at the entrance or exit of a session to control access or track attendance.

Add-on features enabled only for Pro and Enterprise plans

  • Analytics Reports

Access comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights into every aspect of your event.

Free and Starter Plans don't have access to any analytics reports, but they have access to the Analytics Dashboard.

  • Multiple Home Ads

Maximize revenue with multiple prominent ads on the home page, giving broad exposure to several of your sponsors.

Free and Starter Plans can only have one single Home Ad.

  • Meeting Request Rules

Enjoy the power and flexibility to create and direct networking opportunities for event participants.

Free and Starter Plans can only have one single meeting request rule.

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