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Onsite Session Tracking with SwapAccess
Onsite Session Tracking with SwapAccess
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💎 This feature is a paid add-on.

Onsite Session Tracking allows you to scan participant badges at the entrance and/or exit of sessions to record their attendance or to control access with SwapAccess App.

How does it work

Beforehand, in the Studio, Organizers decides to scan Attendees using one of the following three modes:

  1. Attendance tracking - To track Attendee behavior and know who entered or left the session.

  2. Access control: People registered only - For those who want to control session access, and only allow people who already registered for the session.

  3. Access control: People registered and who can register - To allow access to people that already registered for the session or those who can register according to their group(s) and the specific sessions' permission settings.

Then, on the SwapAccess app, the on-site team will be able to scan the Attendees’ QR codes or badges to control or monitor the session access. There is no limit on the number of devices using the same access code for SwapAccess, and they can be set to scan as people enter the session (Scan In) or as they exit the session (Scan Out)

Attended Scanning should be used when the device is going to be held by one of the staff members. This way, the user will be able to easily switch between scan in and scan out as well as see a real-time update on the number of scans for this particular device. When doing Attended Scanning with Access Control, the Organizer will have the option to "force" allow a person in the room even if they are not on the allowed list.

On the other hand, when using Unattended Scanning, Organizers can leave the device on a stand or tabletop. The number of scans is not shown and a special 4-digit code is required to exit scanning.

*For a true kiosk mode Apple's Guided Access should be used.

Define your Default Session Preferences

Even before creating the Sessions per se, it is best to define which would be the onsite session scanning preference. Keep in mind that those default preferences will only be applied to newly created Sessions. To set your default Session preferences, go to the Content ​​ Sessions Session Settings Default Session Preferences.

For past Sessions, you will have to edit the scanning preferences one by one, as it is not possible to edit in bulk via the Excel Session import at this given time.

To do so, click on a specific session then on Preferences.

Once you've enables SwapAccess scanning for sessions, you'll be able to find these sessions in the SwapAccess app and in the SwapAccess menu in Studio.

Please note that you will need to have an access code created to start scanning badges. Learn more here.

On web

On mobile, you first need to click on Browse all sections to see all sections that have SwapAccess scanning enabled.

After that, you have to bookmark sessions to associate them with the device, and finally click on them to start scanning.

Go further

Force a not allowed attendee

Scan the badge or QR code of the Attendee, and once it goes through you’ll see a confirmation. If someone is not allowed access, you will receive a failure message. In the case of Attended Scanning, you can click on Force if you'd like to make an exception; for example, on a private session where the Attendee accidentally unregistered but was on the Attendees list initially.

SwapAccess Offline mode

Regardless of the scanning mode, Organizers may scan badges without an Internet connection. However, the device setup requires an Internet connection and the scan syncing will only occur when connected to the Internet and having the app open.

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