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Event Analytics Dashboard - Exploring the general metrics of my Event
Event Analytics Dashboard - Exploring the general metrics of my Event
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The Event Analytics Dashboard allows you to get insights and analyze data pertaining to the Event, allowing you to gauge its success, as well as the engagement of the People. To access it, go to the Studio, select the relevant Event, and open Analytics → Dashboard.

People online

The People online now indicator is displayed in the top-right corner of the Analytics Dashboard and reflects the real-time number. The selected time range doesn't affect it; it reflects People online within the current Event only.

The number is updated at a minimum interval of 10s. This data won't be displayed if the Event isn't "Live".


Aside from filtering the data per date, it can also be filtered by Group(s), including Groups that have been previously deleted.

Top performing



  • Number of active users
    A user is considered active once they logged in and made at least one action in the Event App or in the Exhibitor Centre (e.g.: clicked on a button on the homepage). This metric is individualized per Event.

    This is the list of user actions we consider for "Active User". They are only counted once, even if they make multiple actions:

    • event_show – when the user views the main page of the Event

    • event_view_show – when the user views one of the views of the Event

    • exhibitor_self_show – when the user sees its own Booth in the team interface

  • Number of users with at least 1 Connection

  • Number of users with at least 1 Meeting

  • Number of users with at least 1 bookmarked Exhibitor
    The number displayed on the dashboard can differ from the results obtained from Developer Analytics /GraphqlAPI AND Developer AnalyticsAPI). The Analytics Dashboard uses a probabilistic approximation (HyperLogLog algorithm) for the distinct count (slight margin for error) → datasource: Developer AnalyticsAPI. The Developer Analytics /GraphqlAPI would be the most up-to-date in terms of accuracy. The Developer AnalyticsAPI doesn't show the deleted bookmarks, therefore the number displayed could be higher.

  • Number of users registered to at least 1 Session


Usage rate of each platform

This section gives an overview of the platforms used by Participants to access your Event.



  • Number of Contacts made
    Via Connection Request accepted, Meeting Request accepted, Badge scan

  • Average number of Contacts made per active user

  • Number of messages exchanged
    Total amount of messages within all the Discussions and private conversations

  • Number of Discussions created
    Including Discussions and private conversations

  • Number of Meetings made
    Total number of confirmed meetings

  • Number of Video Calls made
    All of them, not just for the Meetings

  • Average duration of Video Calls


Contacts scoring

This section gives an overview of the ratings given to Contacts across your Event.


Sponsors / Exhibitors / Speakers / Schedule




Downloading reports

Aside from the general metrics available directly in the Analytics Dashboard, Organizers are able to download detailed Analytics Reports in order to further analyze metrics that are relevant for them.

These are located under Analytics → Reports

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