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Community Analytics Dashboard - Exploring the general metrics of my Community
Community Analytics Dashboard - Exploring the general metrics of my Community
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The Community Analytics Dashboard provides powerful insights into your Community's success and member engagement. Access it via the Studio by selecting your Community and opening Analytics. This tool offers comprehensive data, including real-time member activity, engagement metrics, top-performing exhibitors, and detailed analytics on networking and user interactions.

Tracking Community Growth and Engagement:

  • Community Members
    The number of Community Members from the date the Community was created to the present

  • People online now
    The People online now indicator is displayed in the top-right corner of the Analytics Dashboard and reflects the real-time number. The selected time range doesn't affect it; it reflects People online within the current Community only.

  • Active users
    A user is considered active once they logged in and made at least one action anywhere in the Community (e.g.: clicked on a button on the homepage).

  • Average number of Sessions attended
    The average number of Sessions attended by Community Members.

You can also choose to see additional data from your community's events.

Comparing Community and Event Performance:

It gives you the ability to view Community-related actions and Event-related actions in the dashboard to help them analyze the growth of their Communities over a period of time and compare Event metrics.


Identifying Top-Performing Exhibitors:

  • Profile views

  • Times bookmarked

  • Type

Analyzing User Activity Across Devices:

Based on your community but also all the events within that community.

  • Number or logins by device
    To see how many users are accessing the Event per app, and the percentage of users this represents compared to the overall number.


Evaluating Networking and Interaction:

  • Total Contacts made
    Total number of Contacts made within a certain Community

  • Contacts made per active user
    Average number of Contacts made per active user within a certain Community

  • Total Messages exchanged
    Total number of Messages exchanged within a certain Community

  • Total Discussions created
    Total number of Discussions created within a certain Community

  • Total Meetings
    Total number of Meetings held within a certain Community

  • Video calls
    Total number of Video calls made within a certain Community

  • Average duration of Video calls
    Average duration of Video calls within a certain Community


Understanding the community page views analytics

The community page views provide more granular insights into the performance of each community page, helping you better understand and cater to your community's interests.
Here's what you have access to :

  1. Activity Tracking on Community Pages: detailed analytics related to individual Community pages. This feature allows for a comprehensive view of how each page performs, helping you gauge the popularity and relevance of the content shared within your community.

  2. View and Unique User Counts: here you can see not just the total number of views each page has received but also the count of unique users who have visited the page. This metric is crucial for understanding the breadth of your content's reach and identifying how many distinct visitors are engaging with your pages.

  3. Customizable Time Periods: The time picker tool allows you to select specific periods for analysis. Whether you're looking to understand user behavior over a day, a week, or any custom range, this tool makes it possible to tailor the analytics to your needs.

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