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Edit your Community information and branding
Edit your Community information and branding
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About your Community Home Page

An Event is always part of Community. The Community homepage is the place where you can see all Events linked to the same Community.

The list of Events is broken down into different time-related sections:

  • Happening Now

  • Upcoming Events

  • Past Events

A fourth section titled "Suggested Events" can also be displayed on the homepage, for Branded Apps.


This community page will allow your users to communicate with others who have attended a previous or future event from your organization.

Edit your Community information and branding

In Studio, once you enter your Community, you can edit:

  • The community name, URL, Logo, Home Banner and languages in "General Information" in "Community Builder" section.

  • The community colors and background image in "Branding" inside "Community Builder" section.

Visual specifications

Community name: 255 characters max
Description: 2000 characters max
Logo: 400x200px (2:1 ratio), no larger than 1MB
Banner: a rectangular image (4:1 ratio), size of 1024x256px, no larger than 2MB.

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