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Publishing your event
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Testing your event

Before publishing your event, you have the option to see a preview of what your event would look like on desktop but also in the event app.

To review your event on desktop, click on the Preview button on the top right of the page.

You'll be able to see what your event looks like for the attendees and exhibitors, free of any charges.

To review your event in the event app, just log into your account and open the event you want to see. You'll be able to see and test all the content added as if you were attending your event, whether it is published or not.

When you make the Event "live", the Participants who have already been added to the Event can access it, see and interact with its content. In the Studio, there are basically two ways to make your Event "live":

Publishing your event via the "Publish event" button in Studio

You can click on the Publish event button located in the top right corner of your screen.


By sending your invitation emails

When you send an invitation email, your Event automatically becomes "live". In the Studio, you will find these under Communications > Emails.

Please note that it is possible to unpublish an Event that is already "live" without any billing implications. From the Studio, you simply need to click on the Live button located in the top right corner of the studio, and then click on Unpublish. That way, Participants have access to the platform but no longer to that particular Event.


Confirmation modal

When publishing an event, a confirmation modal will appear, prompting you to acknowledge the event's validity.

The modal outlines the following:

  • Clarification that published events will no longer be considered as drafts, granting access to all participants. By the way an event can be unpublished at any time.

  • Inclusion of both people and exhibitors in usage calculations for valid events, in accordance with your contracted plan.

By confirming the validity of your event, you acknowledge that charges will apply to both people and exhibitors included in your usage calculations.

Experience Your Event Live On The App

You can also download the app directly from the Studio and get to see firsthand how your event comes to life on the screens of your attendees' smartphones!

Simply click on the "Get the event mobile app" button on the overview page in the Studio. No more searching for the app in the app store, the app will be sent directly to your email, ready to download, and for you to access your event.

Not only that, but you can also share the app download link with your colleagues and friends by forwarding the email.

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