Duplicating Events
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Depending on your needs, you may want to duplicate an existing Event instead of building a new one from scratch. This is particularly useful for Organizations who want to build a new edition of an old event.

How to duplicate an Event

Duplicating an Event on Swapcard is quite straightforward!

  1. Log in to the Studio

  2. Select the Community under which the Event you wish to duplicate sits

  3. Click on the three-dotted icon on the right-hand side of the Event you wish to duplicate

  4. Click on Duplicate

  5. Then, for the Event that you are about to be creating through duplication, you will be required to pick a name, a start and end date, as well as what should be duplicated.

What can be duplicated:

  • General information (required)

    • Format, Event Location, Description, and Hashtag

  • Branding (optional)

    • Colors, Background

  • Content display (optional)

    • Event home buttons

  • Groups & permissions (optional)

    • Defined groups and their permissions

  • Sponsors & advertising (optional)

    • Use the same sponsors and ads

  • Custom fields (optional)

    • Link the ones who are linked to the source event

  • Registration items (optional)

    • Registration settings, forms, ticket types, and terms

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