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Archiving and unarchiving Events
Updated over a week ago

If you do not wish to see and use an Event that you have created, you can archive it. And if you archived an Event but want to re-use it, it's also possible to unarchive it.

How to archive an Event

  1. Go to the Studio.

  2. On the homepage, select the Organization that hosts the Community in which you will find the Event you want to archive.

  3. On the next screen, all the Events within the selected Community are listed. Click on the three-dotted icon in the top right corner of the Event you wish to archive. Click on Archive.

Retrieving and unarchiving an archived Event

You may use the filter to see the list of all your Archived events:

Click on the Archived box for the events that were archived show:

Using the same three-dotted icon, click on Unarchive to retrieve the Event that was previously archived.

Other considerations

  • Archiving an Event will result in the unscheduling of Emails and Notifications

  • These will need to be re-configured from scratch if you end up unarchiving the Event.

  • When archiving the events, do not archive all of them, otherwise, in order to unarchive them, you will need to create a new event.

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