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Swapcard Registration Widget: Embed your event registration on your website
Swapcard Registration Widget: Embed your event registration on your website

Seamlessly Integrate a Swapcard Registration Form into Your Website: A Detailed Tutorial.

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With the embedded Registration Widget, users can register for your Event directly from your website.

How to embed a Swapcard Registration Form on your website

In the Studio, go to Registration Registration settings and make sure Swapcard Registration is selected.

There, click on Get embed code, and copy the iframe code in order to paste it into your website.

How to embed a ticket-specific Registration Forms

In addition to embedding the Registration Form, a ticket-specific form can be embedded without exposing the other Tickets. This will allow registrants to skip the Ticket selection and begin registering without worrying about them going back and choosing an unintended Ticket. Using our Registration Widget can be helpful in situations where you have a VIP Registration Form or one dedicated to employees.

How to allow your website domain for hosting your registration widget

Note that only the website domains that are already associated with your organization will be allowed to embed the site. That means if the organizer’s email is then any website that is in the form of * can embed the registration form. In this example, that could look like,, or even

You can whitelist additional domains in your organisation settings.

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