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Setting up paid tickets for your event
Setting up paid tickets for your event
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To set up paid tickets for your event, you first need to connect your Stripe account. Find out how here.

Stripe charges its own fees to the organizer. Outside of the Stripe fees, we collect an additional fee on each ticket sold; the percentage of the fee depends of the plan. We only take a fee of the ticket price and not the tax.

How to define currency & tax for your paid tickets

You can set the currency per event and the tax rate.

To do so, go to the Registration module and click on payment settings. It will only be available if you've already at least one type of tickets.

Only a single currency may be used per event.

Swapcard registration supports actually these currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, AED, GBP, SGD, JPY, SEK, AUD. If you need another currency, please reach out our support or sales team so we can investigate in supporting it.

A single tax rate may be set for the event. The tax is in the form of a percentage and can be given a custom label (i.e. VAT, GST, Tax). If a tax rate is set, every registration will incur tax without exception.

How to create a paid ticket and define price

To create a paid ticket, log into the Studio and access the Registration section. Here, clin on Tickets and select Ticket type as Paid.

Each ticket may have a unique price point. To do something like tiered pricing, you would need to create multiple tickets with various ticket type or time periods (e.g. Early bird).

How fees work for paid tickets

After linking your Stripe account and setting a price for a ticket, you will immediately see "Your payout" (refer to the screenshot above) and have the option to click on "How fees work" beside it for a breakdown of the fees.

There are 2 types of fees:

  • Processing fee: charged by Stripe according to the currency and payment card issuer.

  • Service fee: charged by Swapcard according to your plan. The service fee is only applied to the ticket price, not to the optional tax.

For every ticket sold, fees are deducted by Stripe and Swapcard, and the resulting payout is promptly credited to your Stripe account.

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