Setting up Swapcard Registration
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With Swapcard, you don't need a third party to handle simple registration processes.

To set this up with Swapcard, open the Studio and go to Registration, which is located in the left sidebar menu.

There, you have access to different sections: Settings, Tickets, Form, Terms and Integrations.


This section is where you choose which the desired Registration mode for your Event.

  • No Registration
    Invite people manually by adding them via Content → People

  • Swapcard Registration
    The Registration mode of interest in this article. Create your ticket, forms, and terms directly on the Studio, without needing a third party. There, you also find the Registration URL, which you can share with your audience in order for them to register for the Event. Please note that with this solution only free tickets are available for the moment.

  • External Registration
    With this option, you need to provide the link to your External Registration Service. Check our list of Integrations or Developer API to connect your external registration.




When registering for the Event, people will be able to choose from the tickets that are available based on quantity, dates, and visibility. Hidden tickets are only available to be selected from within Studio.

Setting up several types of Tickets allows Organizers to segment and categorize Attendees right from the start. There's no limit on the number of types of Tickets that can be created.


In this section, Organizers can build their Registration Form by adding pages and fields. The First name, Last name, and Email fields can't be modified.

Organizers are able to create multi-page Forms – with a minimum of two pages – as well as set up conditional logic.

The first page should contain at least the First name, Last name, and Email fields. The final page is the "thank you", or "instant gratification" page.


With Swapcard, Organizers can set up custom Terms for their Event that will need to be accepted by those who attend in order to see the content and interact with other Attendees and Exhibitors. Terms validation can be displayed either on registration (on the first page of the Registration Form), or right when accessing the Event, if registration per se hasn't been set up.


All available External Registration Services are listed in this section. To integrate with one of them, you simply need to click on your desired service and fill in the required fields.

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