Setting up custom Terms for your Event

Collect Attendees Consent with Terms on Registration Form or at Event Access: A Guide to Tailoring Legal Agreements for Your Event.

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With Swapcard, you can set up custom Terms for your Event that will need to be accepted by those who attend in order to see the content and interact with other Attendees and Exhibitors.

How to create and manage Terms

In Swapcard Studio, go to Event builderTerms.

There, you need to set up a Label (only visible to you), a Term Description, and where you want it to be displayed – on the Registration Form, or once Attendees access the Event. Finally, you can make the Term as required through the toggle.

You can create as many Terms as you want per Event, and administrate them from the Terms page.


Attendees' perspective for Term enabled at event access

Depending on how you set these up from the Studio, Attendees will either have to accept the Terms through the registration form or when accessing the Event. For the latter, this is how it's going to look like for them:

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