Using the Abandoned Registration feature
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💎 This feature is a paid add-on.

The Abandoned Registration feature allows you to boost attendee registration by targeting individuals who initiated but did not complete the registration process.

The benefits of using Abandoned Registration

  • Take control of incomplete registrations: when attendees start the registration process but don't finish, their data is saved as an abandoned registration.

  • Minimize lost opportunities: identify and reconnect with potential attendees who initiated registration but didn't complete the process.

  • Streamlined communication: send targeted messages or incentives to encourage them to finalize their registration and join your event.

  • Manual Completion Assistance: for cases where manual intervention is required, easily complete abandoned registrations on behalf of attendees.

How to find the Abandoned Registrations

Once you're logged into your Organizer account, you can go to the People section of your event. There, you have a new category of people : "Incomplete " which consolidates the data of people who didn't complete the registration process.

This dashboard allows you to view and manage abandoned registrations, allowing for follow-up actions.

How to complete an Abandoned Registration

1. Manually from the Studio

For free tickets only, you have the ability to complete the registration process from the Studio or delete it.

2. By sending the complete registration email

Because it's not possible to complete the registration process for paid tickets, you can directly send a reminder emails to all potential attendees (with free or paid tickets).

To do so, go the Communications section of your account then Emails.

Under Campaign for Registration, you'll be able to see the email and send it.

By clicking on the email "Complete your registration", you will also be able to edit the Subject and Sender information, as well as the content of the email.

To send the email, go back to the People tab. If you correctly enabled the Complete registration email, you'll be able to send it from this page.

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