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Building a Registration Form for Swapcard Registration
Building a Registration Form for Swapcard Registration
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Using Swapcard Registration, Organizers can create a customized Registration Form tailored to their needs, allowing for multiple pages and fields as required.

Creating a Registration Form

In the Studio, go to Registration > Form. You will come across default fields — Email, First name, and Last name — which cannot be edited or removed.


Beyond the default fields, you can add new fields to that initial page. If you wish to segment the Registration Form, you can add a new page by clicking "+ Add a new page" (see the screenshot above) to organize it into separate sections.

The final page is a "Thank You" page, which confirms that the registration has been successfully captured. A confirmation email will also be dispatched to the address they provided on the Registration Form.


Adding new fields to your registration form

As mentioned above, adding custom fields can make your registration more exhaustive. This can be very useful if, for example, you want to know which countries the registrants are from or if food will be served at your event and would like to know their preferences.

To do so, click the "Add a field" button, and open the "People custom fields" in the menu that will appear; you can add the custom fields you already created or click "Create custom field" to create one.

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