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Understanding Groups for your Event and Community
Understanding Groups for your Event and Community
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What is a Group?

Groups are used to segment different types of People that are part of your Event or Community. This is helpful to manage their rights and permissions and to communicate more efficiently with each Group separately.

By default, there are three Groups:

  1. Attendees

  2. Speakers

  3. Exhibitors

Managing Groups in the Studio

Groups can be managed both at Community and Event level:

  • Community: Community builder → Groups & permissions

  • Event: Event builder → Groups & permissions


Groups rights and permission

You can then define what each Group can see (People, Exhibitors, Sessions, Items) and who they can talk to. Please check Setting up Content Buttons for more information on how to segment your content.

For Groups that are composed of Exhibitors, you also have the option to define what information that is related to their Booth they can edit (vs the information that only you can edit as the Organizer). It is also possible to choose if they are allowed to add Members to their Booth, as well as the type and limit of Items they can upload.

For each Group type, custom fields can be created to use as conditions in this section to determine what each Group type is allowed to see in terms of People, Exhibitors, Sessions, and Items. To learn how to create custom fields, please refer to:

Groups Communications

With Groups, you can also segment Emails and Push Notifications in order to cater your communications to the right audience.

Group priority

If a member of your Community or someone who is attending your Event is part of Groups, only the Group with the highest priority will be taken into account to define their rights and permissions, the content they can access, the emails they will receive, and people they can network with. You can change the priority of the Groups by changing their order in the Studio – the first in the list has the highest priority:


Deleting a Group

It is not possible to delete the three Groups available by default (Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers). However, you can delete any custom Group that you have created. For this, click on the Edit "pencil" icon, and scroll all the way down in the right-hand-side modal and hit Delete.

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