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Setting up Push Notifications
Setting up Push Notifications
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Why set up Push Notifications?

Schedule Push Notifications on mobile or web-app to remind Attendees about upcoming Sessions or to guide them through the event. Instant alerts can also be sent to communicate any changes to schedules, agendas, meeting locations, or anything else that comes up

Use cases

✅ From the Notifications tab, you can easily schedule or send immediate Notifications to users

✅ Edit fields such as targets, title, message, redirection link, date and time of sending under notifications details

✅ Inform Attendees about last-minute changes such as Sessions times with immediate Notifications

✅ Target Groups of users like Exhibitors or Attendees besides all Participants per Notification

✅ Send tests to preview a message before sending or scheduling

✅ Track how many Notifications were delivered on the Notifications tab

Attendees can access all Notifications in the "Activities" section

How to set up Push Notifications

In the Studio, go to Communications → Notifications

There, click the Add notification button and complete the following fields:

  • Title: This will appear at the top of the Notification (max length: 120 characters)

  • Message: located right below the title with a (max length: 160 characters)

  • Redirect to: define whether the Notification should redirect the Participant to the Event home, an Exhibitor, a Session, or an external link

  • Targets: select which Groups should receive the Notification

  • Sending method: decide when the Notification should be sent

How to segment your notifications for different groups

For notifications, select your target based on Groups and select the group you want to target.

Other considerations

Participants who registered for a Session will automatically receive Push Notifications:

  • In-person/hybrid events: 15 mins before

  • Virtual events: 2 mins before

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