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Implement effective Event Home Page Advertising: A Practical Guide.

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Why Homepage Advertising Is a Key Event Revenue Generator and Brand Amplifier For Sponsors

The homepage of any event platform serves as prime digital real estate, making it a powerful tool for boosting sponsor brand awareness and driving significant revenue. By featuring ads on the event’s homepage, organizers can capture attendees' attention the moment they enter the platform, whether accessed via desktop or mobile. This visibility is crucial for sponsors and exhibitors as it enhances their brand presence and directs traffic directly to their booths or online profiles.

The ability to customize ad redirection — whether to an exhibitor's page, a sponsored session, or an external link — optimizes the user journey by connecting attendees with relevant content or interactions.

Also, by allowing organizers to select specific groups to target with different ads, homepage advertising becomes a highly adaptable tool that can be fine-tuned to match the marketing strategies of various sponsors.

🚫 Free and Starter plans are limited to one Home Ad per event.

On web desktop, the image is displayed in a vertical banner ad on the right side of the home page of your event. 
On mobile, the image appears as a full screen interstitial ad.

How to create an event home Ad

  1. Log into the Studio

  2. Open the event you want to create the ad(s) for

  3. Go into the Sponsors & Advertising" tab

  4. Click on " Create a home page ad"

  5. Add an homepage image

  6. Choose the redirection ( no redirection, exhibitors or link)

  7. Choose the groups you want to target. If you add multiple ads that target the same group, they will display randomly, and change each time the user come back to the home page in the web app.

If you want to add ads to other pages of your event, you can read this article.

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