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Managing your default session preferences
Managing your default session preferences
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Default session preferences are sessions' settings that will apply to all sessions.

It's an alternative to editing your sessions' preferences one by one.

Please note that they will only apply to newly created sessions. To update existing session preferences in bulk, you will have to use an excel file.

How to find default session preferences ?

To update your default session preferences, go to Content ➡️ Sessions ➡️ Session settings ➡️ Default session preferences.

Editing session preferences

1.Making a session private

From the Studio of your event, go to Content ➡️ Sessions.
Once in the Sessions tab, click on the session you want to make private. Once you are on the session, go to the tab called"Preferences".

Here is where you can choose to activate the "Make the session private" option. When the option is activated, the session is visible only to those registered with it. The option is active when the button is colored and turned to the right (see below).

Selecting specific people to attend the session

You can hide the Session completely and pre-add all the attendees you want for it.

  • Enable the option Make this session private

  • Disable the option Allow all event members to register at event level

  • Go to the Attendee’s tab for the Session and click +Add One Person or +Add several at once, then copy/paste the email addresses of all of the Attendees you want to register for the session.

Only the selected Attendees will be able to see this Session on their Agendas, however, participants still have the option to unregister for the Session.

Selecting specific groups to attend the session

  • Enable the option Make this session private

  • Create and choose one Group of People who can only be registered for the Session in order to keep it restricted. Please go to Event Settings < Groups < Add a Group and then create a new category in order to add exclusive members to be part of private Sessions.

Anyone could see this Session on the Agenda section but only authorized people that belong to that group can register and watch it.

2. Allowing all community members to register at community level

All community members will be able to register or unregister for all the sessions in the event

3. Allowing all event members to register at event level

All event groups will be able to register or unregister for all the newly created sessions in the event.

4. Ask for feedback

People who registered for sessions can provide a private rating and comment.

5. SwapAccess

Enable badges'scanning at the entrance and/or exit of sessions to record participants" attendance or to control access. To know more click here.

6. Allow overlap

Participants will not be able to register for sessions if they are already registered for another session at the same time that also has this option disabled.

7. Hide registered people

Participants who have registered for sessions are not visible to others.

8. Live interactions

Create a live interaction box for each new session to allow participants to chat, ask questions to speakers, and reply to polls. To know more, click here.

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