Creating and Editing sessions
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How to create a session ?

There are three ways to create sessions:

1. Via an excel file

You can create sessions using the Excel file we made available. In order to do so, follow these 3 steps:

  • download the file (after each modification)

  • Modify/complete it on Excel

  • Import the modified/completed file onto the platform

This method allows you to create easily several sessions at a time while adding as many details as necessary for each session.


2. Create manually

Choose the name, start and end times of your session, and click on "Create".


Once the Session is created, you can complete it by adding information such as the topics, the description, the speakers, etc.

Warning: Once saved, the Sessions format could not be modified, since they will get an error message on the frontend for attendees.

3. Using AI

The AI-powered assistant gives the ability to seamlessly build session descriptions, providing you with invaluable support and freeing up time for strategic planning.

Also, the tool addresses multilingual challenges by generating accurate translations of session titles, ensuring a globally inclusive event experience.

How does it work?
Go to Studio ➡️ Sessions ➡️ Select or create one session.
Write your session title, you will see a flag on the right if your event is multilingual. Just click on it and translate your title in all languages set up for your event.

Then, click to write the session description and click on the button "generate description".You can personalize your generation by adding some parameters.

How to add information to sessions ?

It is possible to add different types of information to your sessions from the organizer interface.


You can customize your session by including header pictures and links. You can also add the custom fields created to your session. (Please ensure that custom fields are defined before you add them to the sessions)

  • Basics : header picture, name and date

  • Information : custom fields to define specific categories, filters or details about your session and give more information to your attendees when they navigate through the whole schedule.

  • Live interactions : enable participants to chat, ask questions to speakers, and respond to polls.

  • Resources : links to a session to redirect, for example, to an interactivity tool, a satisfaction survey, or any other website.

2. Format & video

  • No video

  • Swapcard backstage : live broadcasting studio

  • Video streaming : Embed a Live streaming or a Pre-recorded video onto the session page, that will be played at your preferred date and time.

  • Roundtable : You can create a roundtable session for discussion about a topic or following another session for attendees to chat about the topic. This feature allows for attendees to discuss with each other and have their camera and microphone turned on (if they wish).

3. Speakers:

How to add speakers to a session ?

You can add speakers to your session from the attendees list.

For a speaker to appear in the session he is leading and vice versa, he must be attached to this session. There are several ways to do this:

  • Quick add from a session file

  • Quick add from a speaker profile

  • Mass add by excel import

1. Quick add from a session file:

  • From the organizer interface, go to "Event Data > Sessions" and click on the session of your choice

  • Click on the second tab that represents the speakers

  • In the list of participants, search for the speakers you wish to attach to this session

The speaker in question must already be on the list of participants.

2.Quick add from a speaker file:

  • From the organizer interface, go to "Event Data > People" and click on the speaker of your choice.

  • Click on the third tab "Speaking at".

  • Search through the list of sessions to find the ones you want to assign to this speaker.

Note* Sessions must be created beforehand.

3.Mass add by Excel import:

  • From the organizer interface, go to "Event Data > People" and click on "Add people".

  • Choose to import via Excel file, select "Speakers" and then download the file.

  • For each speaker you wish to attach to a session, indicate the ID of their session(s) in column T [Is speaking at (opt)]. You will find the IDs corresponding to each session on the 4th sheet of the Excel file ["Sessions (read only)"].

  • Re-import the Excel file on the platform and you're done!

How to choose the order of appearance of Speakers in a Session ?

By default, speakers appear in the order they were added to the session.

If you want to change that order, simply use the little drag tool next to the recycle bin icon that appears when hovering over the profile to move speakers up or down the list.

Your speakers can have different types as well. You can simply reorder them under "People > People Settings > Type." Move values up/down as needed by pressing down on the value.

4. Exhibitors:

You can add sponsor exhibitors to your sessions from the exhibitors list. To have more information on how to manage exhibitors, click here.

5. Attendees:

Here you can see the attendees who signed up to your session, add others and even unregister certain attendees.

6. Sessions

How to link sessions together ?

Here you have the option to link a "main Session" to a "sub-Session".

On the Attendees' side, this is how things are going to look. On one Session, they will see the sub-Session below the main Session, and on the sub-Session, they will see the main Session listed below.


7. Documents

You can attach documents or external links to your sessions.

It is interesting and useful for your attendees to be able to attach documents to sessions of the program: presentations, pictures, documents, etc. The maximum size of the file can be up to 30 MB.

You can either attach an existing document or attach a new one.

8. Preferences

Here you can choose to personalize your session's settings. This edits will only apply to the session you're editing. To edit all your future sessions' preferences, you'll have to go to Content ➡️ Sessions, more information here.

How to set the order of Sessions that start at the same time

Several Sessions start at the same time and you want to define their order of appearance. Not a problem!

Simply define the order of Sessions by changing the start time: in addition to indicating the hour and minutes, specify the seconds to display the Sessions in the desired order.

For example:

  1. Session 1: 10:00:01

  2. Session 2: 10:00:02

  3. ​Session 3: 10:00:03

How to access your sessions recordings

  1. Open the session you're interested in

  2. Go into the Format & video tab

Recordings remain visible regardless of format changes to ensures uninterrupted access to session recordings.

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