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Restricting Session access to specific Groups
Restricting Session access to specific Groups
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Besides making Sessions private, you can also restrict the access of certain Sessions from specific Attendees using Custom Fields. Thanks to the Groups Settings you can decide which Groups will be able to see the content of each Session. All you need to do is to differentiate the Sessions with limited access, from the other ones available for all Attendees.

How to do it?

1. Create a Custom Field

First, you will need to create a Custom Field to differentiate each type of session. Whether you decide to divide them by ticket access, Session type, language or location, a Custom field will be the feature that will allow you to filter your list of Sessions.

To create them, go to your Event Studio > Event Data > Sessions, click on Session Settings and then on Add Custom Field.


Label it as you prefer to make it easier to find, select Single Choice or Multiple Choice as the format, and then add unique Values to that field.

For example, if you have Attendees that speak different languages, maybe you would like to use those languages as your Values, to later be able to give your Attendees access to only the Sessions that are based on their respective languages.


Note: Keep in mind that if you don’t want those Custom Fields to be Visible on the page, you have to disable that toggle.

2. Edit the Field in each Session

Once you have created the Custom Fields, you just have to make sure you edit the field in each Session. You can edit the Excel File, or select the appropriate Session and scroll down until you find the corresponding field.

Following the previous example, click on the Session, and then Edit Field for Language.


3. Define the Group Rights

With the Sessions already sorted by Type, you can define which Sessions each Group would be able to see.

Go to your Event Studio > Event Settings > Groups and click on the pencil right next to the name of the Group you want to edit. Define here whether you want this group to have access to all Sessions, or only a specific selection of them by Adding a Condition.

Below Sessions, click on Add a Condition and only enable the value of the Sessions that you want to make visible for that specific Group.

Following our previous example, if you had different groups of Attendees per native language, you would only need to add the corresponding Value, as we did in the image below.


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