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Selecting the recipients of your Emails
Selecting the recipients of your Emails
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From the Email Manager, you can define to whom you would like to send a particular email.

Invitation Emails

For the Invitation Emails that contain Magic Links to access the Event, these can only be sent by Group type (i.e. Attendees, Speakers, Exhibitors, etc...)


Reminders and Follow-up Emails

For all reminder and follow-up emails, thanks to the Custom Targets, you'll be able to decide which filter(s) you want to apply before sending the emails.

How to segment your emails for different groups

  1. For emails, when creating a campaign, you just have to select Groups as your targets and select the group you want to target.

  2. For notifications, select your target based on Groups and select the group you want to target.

Engagement score
This filter will allow you to select people that have been Active or Inactive during the event. This way you can easily target all the people that haven't connected to your event yet!

Custom fields
After importing your Attendees, you can easily communicate with them depending on any field in their profile. This will target all the people that have at least one value from the field you've selected.

For example, with this option and the correct use of custom fields, you can send emails to people of the same Type or Country.

Add more options with Custom Targets

The best thing about these filters? They can be used simultaneously!

For each email, you can select multiple filters and decide if they should be used as a union or an intersection. You can do this by selecting the And/Or links between your filters.

And should be used if you want to target the people corresponding to ALL filters.
Or should be used if you want the email to correspond with at least one of the enabled filters.

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