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Creating and managing the participants page: enhancing networking opportunities
Creating and managing the participants page: enhancing networking opportunities
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Learn how to create and manage the Participants page to enhance networking opportunities at your event. This guide covers setting up the page, customizing its design, and managing visibility and data settings to tailor attendee interactions. Utilizing these features ensures attendees can make meaningful connections and engage effectively during your event.

Learn more about the basics of Pages with this article: Setting up your event's pages.

How to create the Participants page

  1. Go to the Studio.

  2. Click on Event builder ➡️ Pages & Menu.

  3. Click on Create page.

  4. Choose Participants.

How to manage your participants page settings

How to edit the design of your participants' page

When you're creating your page you can edit the following information in the design tab:

  • Label

  • Color

  • Button background image

  • Page background image

How to manage the visibility settings of your participants' page

You can decide which group(s) of Participants can see the page, and whether you want to make it visible to unregistered Guests (publicly).

Depending on the complexity of your event, you could show different participants pages to different groups of participants (learn more about groups here)

For example, this is commonly used to hide Participants who belong to a "VIP Attendee"-like Group from those in the "Standard Attendee" Group.

How to manage the data settings of your page

1. Groups and filters

In the Data tab, you are able to choose the Group(s) of Participants you wish to display under this page, and sort them in the order that better suits your Event's needs.

In this section, you can also decide to show the People with account, People without account, or both.

The available filters are populated by the custom fields created for your attendees.

Once you've created your People page(s), you can select the fields you want displayed as search filters to enable attendees to look for other attendees using search filters.

Please note that only single and multiple choice custom fields can be used as search filters.

2. Display preferences

In the Data tab you will also find :

  • personalized recommendations: you can encourage attendees to complete their profile and use the app to gather even more accurate recommendations. Explanations are available of people's recommendations in order to give attendees topics of conversation. AI recommends matches based on profile similarities such as events they have in common, interests, jobs, and so on.

  • people online toggle : if checked, people online will appear at the top of the list of there are at least 5 peolpe.

You can sort this list by Most complete profiles, Last name, First name, Registration date, or by the event Custom fields.

You will also be able to choose whether you want participants to be displayed as a list or a Grid.

3.How to customize the visible fields in list mode

By selecting the List mode for your participants page, you gain the ability to choose the displayed fields according to your specific preferences. This powerful customization feature ensures that individuals can quickly and effortlessly access the information that matters most to them, thereby optimizing their networking experience. Whether highlighting specific professional skills, areas of expertise, or shared interests, organizers have the flexibility to tailor the platform to meet the unique needs of their audience.

How does it work?

Inside the tab "Data", select the option "Display profiles as "List".
You will have access to all the fields you need from basic fields to custom fields. Select up to 7 fields to be highlighted inside the People list.

Once this is done, participants will be able to see all fields selected inside the participants list.

By setting up and managing the Participants page effectively, you can provide a robust platform for networking and engagement, helping attendees make meaningful connections and maximize their event experience.

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