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Creating Ads banner on your event's pages
Creating Ads banner on your event's pages
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💎 This feature is a paid add-on.

Ads banner allow you to showcase ads on top of your event pages. This feature provides a more visible way to capture your audience’s attention.

How to create ads banner

  1. Go to the Studio

  2. Click on " Event Builder "

  3. Select "Sponsors & Advertising"

  4. Click on "Create an ad" to create your first ad.

The next step is to tailor your add to your needs.

  1. Select a banner image for web and mobile ( mandatory)

  2. Select a redirection to an Exhibitor's page, or an external URL or choose to not have any redirection

  3. Select one or multiple content pages on which your ad should appear

  4. Select groups that should be targeted

Once every mandatory field is complete, click on "Create an ad" to save and publish your ad.

How to keep track of all the ads created for an event

On the "Sponsors and Advertising" main page you can keep track of your ads and see how effective they are by checking at a glance the number of views and clicks for each ad.

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