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On-site self check-in and badge printing
On-site self check-in and badge printing
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💎 This feature is a paid add-on.

Deliver smooth attendee registration with Swapcard Go, a set of onsite services to allow you to do checkin and badge printing.

To know how to set up Swapcard Go, visit this page.


  • Swapcard Registration is a requirement. If a person is not registered using Swapcard Registration, meaning they don't have a Ticket and a Confirmation number, they will not be able to use the check-in functionality within SwapAccess.

  • A modern iOS device.

  • A SwapAccess credential configured through the SwapAccess settings.

  • Registrants with status: Registered.

  • To print badges

    • A Zebra printer is required. These are provided via the Swapcard Go offering.

    • Badge formats must be configured.

Checking in people on-site

Once you have configured SwapAccess, you can check-in and print badges from the SwapAccess app. To know how to login into SwapAccess, visit this page.

  1. To print badges, you first need to select a printer. If no printer is selected, a button will appear to “Connect to printer”. This printer must be a Zebra printer that supports “LinkOS”. Most Zebra printers support this protocol and all printers provided by Swapcard Go are compatible with SwapAccess.

2. Once you've selected a printer you'll be able to check-in and print badges.

3. Clicking on on "Check-in participants" will open the scan view so participants can scanned their confirmation code in order to check-in and get their badge printed.

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